Continuing Education Credit for the WAEPS Ophthalmic Medical Personnel Program 2018

JCAHPO Credit:

All 48 courses in this program have been approved for JCAHPO credit (a maximum of 6 credits per participant for the full day).

This course is not sponsored by JCAHPO; only reviewed for compliance with JCAHPO standards and criteria and awarded continuing education credit accordingly; therefore, JCAHPO cannot predict the effectiveness of the program or assure its quality in substance and presentation.

For workshops presented as training on the implementation of specific equipment or products, please note that this is proprietary information presented to allow students to master a specific task or process. Alternatives to this technology may exist and a well-informed technician should have knowledge of those alternatives as well.

In addition, OPS and AOC have granted continuing education credits for some courses. Click here for details.

Attendance Verification & Credit

Step 1: Submit attendance cards as you attend classes & workshops

JCAHPO now requires that we document each participant’s attendance at each session throughout the day. Prior to the meeting you will receive by mail your nametag, personalized schedule and a set of attendance cards (one for each of your classes). Be sure to bring these with you on the day of the meeting! As you enter each classroom, you will insert your attendance card for that hour’s class into the box next to the classroom door. These cards are collected ten minutes after the class begins. Failure to deposit your attendance card into the correct box by that time means we will not be able to verify your attendance and you will not get credit for that hour. So please help us with your full cooperation in this system!

Step 2: Complete evaluation

Following the meeting you should go back to the e-syllabus and click on the link to complete your online program evaluation. You have until April 15, 2018 to fill out the evaluation.

Please return to this page of the e-syllabus after attending the program and click below to do the online evaluation form/credit claim form.

Step 3: Receive your certificate

Within 30 days after the program, the WAEPS office will send you (via email) a certificate showing the courses you attended. Please feel free to contact us in mid-May if you have not yet received your certificate and we’ll resend it.

OPS and AOC Credit for Select Courses

Ophthalmic Photographer’s Society Credit for the 2018 WAEPS Ophthalmic Personnel Program:

Number of Courses Approved for 1:1 OPS CECs: 9
The following courses have been approved for 1:1 OPS CECs:
American Orthoptic Council credit for the 2018 WAEPS Ophthalmic Personnel Program:
Core Credits Approved (8 total):
Non-Core Credits (39 total):

All of the courses offered this year which are not specifically listed above, qualify for non-core AOC credit with the exception of course #6: “Role of Office Staff in Medical Malpractice Lawsuits,” which was not granted AOC credit.